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The Hopeaholics is all about connecting through real stories of battling addiction and mental health challenges.

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Individuals in Recovery

This community is great for anyone currently struggling with substance abuse or mental health disorders and is either in recovery or a long term survivor. For those individuals who cannot afford a monthly subscription, we are totally thrilled to offer a FREE monthly membership. It is our promise to our community that we will always make available any resource that can potentially save a life, including our online community.

Fans of The Podcast

This community is great for anyone who has participated and followed along with The Hopeaholics Podcast. If you wish to connect with like-minded individuals, have access to exclusive content, merch discounts, and have the opportunity to engage directly with us, become a Premium Member today. Most importantly, your Premium Membership will directly help someone in need on a monthly basis. Help us extend our reach today!

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A FREE Monthly Membership to The Hopeaholics Podcast

Expiration Membership never expires.
Expiration Membership never expires.


A FREE Monthly Membership to The Hopeaholics Podcast



Membership never expires.

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Once you upgrade to a Premium Membership, you'll have access to exclusive content through your member dashboard. invitations to events and meetups, and front-of-the-line access to The Hopeaholics Meet and Greets and autograph signings. More benefits are to come!

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Code of Conduct

Behavior Policy: Every member is expected to treat others with respect and kindness. Support your fellow members in their journey towards sobriety. Harassment, bullying, or any form of discrimination will not be tolerated.

Prohibited Activities:

  1. Drug and Substance Use: This community is a safe space for sobriety. Engaging in or promoting activities that contradict a sober lifestyle, including discussions or arrangements for drug use or other non-advisable activities, is strictly prohibited.
  2. Sexual Activity and Explicit Materials: Members are prohibited from sending, sharing, or soliciting explicit materials, including images, videos, or text, on our website or app. The Hopeaholics is not a platform for soliciting sex or any sexually related materials. Any such activities, including trafficking and/or sexual exploitation of any kind, will result in immediate suspension or banning from the community.
  3. Minors: No person under the age of 18 is allowed to join or participate in The Hopeaholics community. This community website is strictly for legal-aged adults only. We are committed to protecting minors and ensuring their safety.


Positive Contributions: Contribute positively to the community. Share your experiences, offer support, and inspire others with your journey. Negative behavior that undermines the community spirit will be addressed promptly.

Enforcement and Consequences: We reserve the right to enforce this behavior policy strictly. Any member found violating these standards may face consequences, including but not limited to, temporary suspension or permanent banning from the community.

Right to Refuse Access: The Hopeaholics retains the full right to refuse access to any member who violates our standards of conduct. Our primary goal is to maintain a safe and supportive environment